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Scott "Cyclops" Summers

What a man, what a mighty good man...

Cyclops Central
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 If you enjoy your superhero:
1) punctual
2) cool, calm, and snarky
3) genetically perfect
4) supportive to a fault
5) impaired with sunglasses
6) the antithesis of the macho bad boy
7) a raging sex bomb

Then this community is for you.

Ahem, sorry. Welcome to cyclops_fans, the community that celebrates, discusses, and defends the greatest leading man of all time: SCOTT SUMMERS!

Yes, gentlemen. You're thoroughly welcome here as well.

Feel free to share any manner of fics, icons, scans, pontifications, etc., so long as you remain on topic.

Additionally, we have a bit of fun called Claim-A-Cyke, whereupon all members of the community are free to claim something of this X-Man. Parts are able to be shared, of course. We're a generous bunch. Personality traits and belongings are up for grabs. (James Marsden notwithstanding.)

Claimed Parts (naughty, we know):

angelsgracie claims His Smile
debc claims His Long Black Coat
medie claims His Eyes
morosus_nympha claims His Loyalty
tuxedos1andonly claims His Sense of Humor
whitealbum claims His Voice
jin_chan claims His Mazda RX-8
aquaman claims His Old-School '90s Blue-and-Gold Suit
divisionvixen claims His Heart
slytherinwitch claims His Ruby Quartz Oakley Sunglasses
onlyonechoice claims His Cheekbones
agentcabanas claims His Preeningly Superior Attitude to Wolverine

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