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Uncanny X-Men canceled at issue # 544

(My first entry. For a micro-synopsis of myself, I am an X-Men Evolution fanboy who has been branching out to other aspects of X-Men media. My fan fondness of Cyclops started with Evolution, and I am becoming re-familiar with or re-appreciating the character. In terms of X-Men fandom, I mostly hang out at the scottandrogue Livejournal community. I hope to expand my horizons with one of Marvel's best and under-appreciated characters. I didn't want my first entry to be a negative one, but its Cyclops-centric nature should ease some of the pain.)

Apparently, Marvel's long-running "Uncanny X-Men" title is now canceled, the final issue being # 544. The Associated Press, via USA Today, explores the matter and Cyclops' rather expansive role in recent story arcs within. (For obvious reasons, beware comic spoilers.) Time will tell if Marvel will end up rebooting and re-numbering the series, as it was done with Spider-Man, Thor and others. (Ironically or not, they were eventually returned to their original series numbers in the past several years.)

I'll leave the matter open for everyone else to figure, while I go and form my own thoughts. Nevertheless, it is a regrettable loss. Special thanks to the Four Color Media Monitor blog.

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/life/comics/2011-06-09-x-men-comics_n.htm
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