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X-Men: First Class Plot Details - No Cyclops or Jean?

For months the plot of X-Men: First Class has been a bit of a mystery. Sure, we know that it deals with the friendship between Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Eric Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), but nothing about the X-Men team themselves. The good news is that we've finally gotten a little bit of details about the Matthew Vaughn film's story thanks to AICN's recent phone interview with First Class producer and director of the first two X-Men films, Bryan Singer.

You may want to sit down before you continue reading. Oh, right, you are.

According to Singer, much of the plot takes place in the 1960's. The same 60's we remember - John F. Kennedy is president, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are fighting for human rights, and Xavier and Lehnsherr are working towards a future of humans and mutants together peacefully... wait, what? Yea, my thoughts exactly.

Singer made it clear that the X-Men: First Class movie does not follow the comic book series it borrowed its name from. Instead, they're working to create a new beginning for the X-Men. A time period that has changed thanks to the influx of mutant-kind to the populace. Much of it has been influenced by James Bond-esque technology and fashion. We're going to see costumes that resemble the comic book characters much more closely than we have in the past. That means no black leather getups.

The Hellfire Club is involved. Kevin Bacon has been confirmed as the leader, Sebastian Shaw, and January Jones will play the White Queen, Emma Frost.

As for the X-Men team, many familiar names will not be among them. Cyclops and Marvel Girl/Jean Grey are not present, but Cyclops' brother Havok is, and played by Lucas Till as we previously reported. James McAvoy's Xavier will not be bald like the Professor we know and love. In addition, he'll be walking for much of the film Singer claims, but later on we will see his accident.

The vibe we've got from Singer's comments lead us to believe the film will very much feel like a period-piece with the mutant-menace looming over it. It may not be the X-Men movie general audiences want or expect, but there are still bits and pieces we've become familiar with throughout X-Men comic history. It could potentially lay the foundation for a more traditional X-Men adventure via sequels. It's an interesting concept in the least, it's just unfortunate it was saddled with a name that comes with certain expectations.


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