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Random Rant: I can't believe that almost happened...

Ever since discovering a script of X-Men online and discovering that Cyclops and Storm actually had little "origin" sequences of their own, I always wondered why they never filmed either, but then began to suspect it either had to do with budgetary reasons or concerns about the flow of the movie's storyline. Of course, yesterday, I finally got around to listening to both Audio Commentaries on X2: X-Men United and I can't remember which AC it was from, but when I heard that the public restroom they used in the Mystique/Laurio sequence was originally going to be used for Scott's "Prom Incident" I totally wigged out.

That close to filming it, then they changed it because they figured Mystique would not do Mr. Laurio in his trailer. I absolutely I hate hearing things like this, because it always drives me crazy how close one idea became a reality then changed because of something else.

And this was totally random rant.

PS: What happened to the Red background?
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